Bartering for performance

What if we are is exchanging one resource for another so that two or more  parties can produce to a higher goal than the sum of what each could reach by themselves.  The  “resources” could be “one`s time”, “time expired”, “money spent” or “materials expended” to generate a product, service or even enhanced well being.

The more penned in the resources, the lower will be overall efficiency.  My waking time is 16 hours, assuming it is not my down-time, some days 4 hours in the morning pass without productive work.  Could I have been able to store time, there would be no loss of utility for me. What if someone else could utilize my time in some other activity and pay back down the line? Is there a need to establish some exchange rate? Not really because the rate changes from infinitely small to infinitely large, from freely exchangeable to impossible to exchange, every day, every minute, depending on my circumstances, not the circumstances of anyone else “in the market” for time.

In this scenario, do we need an exchange rate? No we do not! Do we need a currency to collaborate for higher results? No we do not.

If we are thinking enterprise performance, do we need to assign an exchange rate between performance indicators. No, we do not. But how will we know who did better overall?

My work is around re-balancing factors, re-configuring teams so everyone involved is comfortably confident that their leap forward will not sink the boat or drop the oars.