“Alta Bering provides a unique perspective on information with a blend of business and technical expertise to solve complex problems. The Enterprise Performance Optimization (EPO) tool provides results beyond traditional regression analysis in a fraction of the time. It truly puts information and insight into the hands of the business.”

Steve Hillmer, Senior Manager Strategy & Optimization – rbc.com


Our initiative focused on increasing the productivity and improving the efficiency of RBC’s inquiry management processes. Client requests were received in RBC’s service centres through multiple channels, requests are sent in from staff in eight different geographic regions to 14 different service fulfillment groups. Management felt the need to review the efficiency of over 3,000 processes and invest in further automation for highest returns. A group of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt analysts were charged with proposing capital investment projects. 

Insight and Implementation

The initiative was started with the premise that process automation did not necessarily guarantee efficiency or effectiveness in dealing with client requests. Understanding what really happened over hundreds of thousands of transactions, event logs were visualized across multiple dimensions – sources, types, regions, event time, channels and staff.

Subsequently, EPO models were built on-the-fly to score elements in each dimension (sources, request types, etc.) by their potential for improvement, relative to their peers. EPO models not only indicated performance but the source of the score by process step. The teams included the optimization results to operations leaders and coach them for improvement or decided to propose investment.


EPO models facilitated speedy and accuarate exploration of the processes, saving hundreds of analyst hours as compared to working with traditional statistical packages. More importantly, it became easier to select and justify investment decisions.

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