“We have been working with the Alta Bering team, implementing EPO since 2012. At Garanti excellence in customer service is our top priority. We use EPO`s advanced analytical capabilities  to exceed service level targets with optimal staffing.”

Hüsnü Erel, Executive Vice President – garanti.com.tr


Garanti Bank is a part of BBVA Group with 110 Billion USD in assets, 1,000 branches 12,00 branch employees serving SME, Retail, Corporate, Commercial, and Private banking. At the time,  Branch Operations was under pressure to meet staffing requests from branch managers. 

Insight and Implementation

Executives required a system that could deliver:

  • Optimization of teller staff for each branch while minimizing customer dis-satisfaction about wait time
  • Continued decision support for tactical decisions regarding the branches

Alta Bering implementation started with building an optimization ready transactional datamart, covering pre-service duration, staff workloads, branch channel utilization and teller transaction duration for events that took place at any hour of the day. Once the branch operations were visually analyzed, models were designed to peer-benchmark client transactions and service times. The system has been in operation, guiding staffing and operational performance since 2012 with EPO at the center of efficiency scoring and resource allocation.


The bank shifted 7 percent of its staffing resources between full time or part time assignments at same or other branches to satisfy client service requirements and gained insights into teller traing requirements.

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