“Alta Bering’s Peer ​Benchmarking methodology has added great value to our target setting capabilities. We simply moved from comparing our portfolios ​and branches against averages to comparing against peers, ​both for performance reviews and target setting. EPO’s resource driven ​approach​ enables us to transparently test new targeting models with speed and ease.”

Nazan Somer Ozelgin, EVP – yapikredi.com.tr


Retail banking executives are trusted with managing the bank`s strategic goals; increasing sales of financial products and services; attracting new bank clients and managing front-line retail teams.

With ever increasing competition for market share, optimally allocating product targets among branches and portfolios is of paramount importance and often painful. It requires correct estimation of portfolio potential and branch resources. In contrast, traditional planning systems are not designed to prescribe optimal targets for units that hover or hide around “average performance”.

Insight and Implementation

Recognizing the complexity of the calibration exercise, Alta Bering was asked to implement a resource and peer performance driven sales planning system.

Alta Bering`s EPO platform was used by client analysts to explore and design targeting models for SME, Private Banking, Commercial banking units of the bank.  Over six planning periods, 5,700 client portfolio managers in 1,000 branches were allocated their shares for 12 to 15 targets, from short-term deposits to credit cards. This required taking existing client base, available resources, demographic factors and portfolio composition into consideration.

With the core 80% of client portfolios impacting overall market share and profitability most, EPO was used first to guide “average” performers (portfolios not tagged “star” or “under-performing”) toward frontier performance. The system has been in use since 2012.


Success was measured by how close the bank came to its strategic balance sheet and profitability targets; as a larger percentage of the managers came within 90% and 110% of their allocated volumes. When only one percent of volume lost due to allocation risk is recovered the impact on bottom line is 10M for a 100B asset retail banking operation. It is harder to put a number on more branches meeting difficult targets, period after period, and front-line staff feeling content about their performance. Our clients have used the EPO system over four to ten consecutive years.

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