Escape from Flatland

Abbott’s famous Flatland allegory aptly describes the dilemma faced by managers today. The globally connected, information technology-driven marketplace is growing into an ever-expanding, multi-dimensional web of complexity. In contrast, the decision tools at their disposal have not kept-up as well, providing only a limited and often skewed view of performance.


Welcome to EPO-Land

The modern enterprise collects vast amounts of data in functional systems. For example, sales and marketing have cross-functional information needs, but marketing spend data is in Excel files, sales data is in Salesforce, inbound marketing is in the cloud. These mountains of disconnected data make alignment and performance management numbingly difficult and time-consuming for all, draining away the organization’s creative energy, and often leading to a misallocation of resources.

With the introduction of business intelligence infrastructures such as Cognos TM1, Business Objects, Tableau and other cloud BI offers, it becomes easier to explore and understand what has transpired and how performance can be interpreted through a set of KPIs and dashboards.

The next stage of advancement is to predict what can happen and finally to prescribe how the predictions can be managed for better results. Alta Bering EPO bridges the divide between "what has happened?" and "what do we do now?"

EPO Land


At Alta Bering, we use our integration expertise and our proprietary decision platform - Enterprise Performance Optimizer – EPO™ for short – to analyze the full complexity of an organization’s data against set goals described by balanced scorecard initiatives.

This seemingly massive analytical task is easily performed by enhancing descriptive BI systems with EPO`s advanced analytics capability.

Some decision queries EPO can handle are: “How to optimize my marketing campaigns!”, “How to re-assign staff across a network!”, “How to benchmark our logistics partners and suggest improvements!”, "What commercial terms serve higher total profits and growth across the network!".

The result is dependible decision support: granular, actionable and well calibrated. What’s more, information can be continuously updated, shared, performance perspectives fine-tuned using a combination of EPO and visualization tools.

Powered by a proven, mathematically rigorous methodology and backed by decades of consulting experience, we typically deliver 10-50% shift in ROIC in any business process.



Senior Manager Strategy & Optimization / Steve Hillmer

Levend and Alta Bering provide unique perspective on infomation with a blend of business and technical expertise to solve complex problems. The Enterprise Performance Optimization (EPO) tool provides results beyond normal statistical traditional regression analysis in a fraction of the time. It truly puts information and insight into the hands of the business.

University of Toronto - Center for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

University of Toronto - Center for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Prof. Emeritus / Joseph C. Paradi, Ph.D., P.Eng., FCAE

My Doctoral students do invent new theories and applications (they don't get a degree otherwise) and then have to write code to test these ideas. But before these new ideas are introduced, they use EPO.

EPO Value Proposition

Five EPO driven tips for creating significantly better ROIC

  • Compress the planning process from months to days

  • Effectively allocate sales, marketing and operational resources

  • Find and fix performance problems before they show up in quarterly results

  • Base variable compensation on total factor business results

  • Enhance rapid response decision capacity

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