"Alta Bering's EPO benchmarking technology provided ​rich insights, ​while we optimized our 90 country portfolio of brands and categories ​ in 2011/2012. The study was subsequently shared with the Coca-Cola Company HQ."

Paul Fourie / Productivity & Reinvestment - coca-colacompany.com


“The store” is no longer a point-of-sale environment where merchandising and managing time and attendance suffice. It is now a gateway to the retail supply chain rather than an end point. Customers walk with product knowledge and price comparisons in hand. Expectations of the store associate change as supply chain responsibilities are added on to the mix.

Marketing: What is the consumer data really signaling?
Consumer: Are premium brands really worth the money?
Producer: How much of the distribution costs are justifiable or earned?
Dealer/Distributor: Is there an adequate return, considering the risks?
Shareholder: Is it time to restructure/merge?

The Hidden Challenge

It is difficult to calibrate factors across the value chain for end-to-end supply chain stability. Isolated performance monitoring systems make it even more difficult, limiting decision making to localized accountability.

Our Solution

Our approach to value creation and operational efficiency facilitates decision making with consideration for resiliency of the across the supply chain. We call it Enterprise Performance Optimization or EPO.

In the fast moving consumer goods distribution business, correctly balancing and monitoring viability in the three-tier supply chain is key to doing more with less and ensuring the distribution chain partners thrive. Maintaining this complex balance is one of the challenges facing the COO and the CMO, as correctly applying marketing and capital resources will not only support growth but also ensure a healthy supply chain.

We contribute by enhancing the HQs ability to monitor the network with predictive and prescriptive insight, not only describing current performance but calibrating the action that will beat current predictions.

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